Watches are useless in Trancoso. If you need to know what’s next on your schedule, just look up at the sky. Is the sun up? Head to the beach. Has it set? Put your flip-flops back on and walk to town.

Doing nothing is the preferred activity in this laid-back beach town that’s quite literally off the beaten path–paved roads are still a relative novelty here. Its private remoteness coupled with the locals’ seeming lack of interest in pop culture has made the Bahia town a celebrity favorite. Despite its growing popularity, it continues to be a relaxing paradise hidden by dense jungle.

Of course, everyone has to get out of their hammock at some point. Our local Sidekicks put together a list of things to do, if you feel like doing anything at all.

Get Lunch at Silvinha’s
You know you’ve found a true gem when you have to take a canoe to get there. Hidden among mangroves next to a pristine beach is Restaurante Da Silvinha, a small hut with two tables and no menu. Silvinha cooks whatever is in season on her wood-fire stove. Extraordinarily humble, she doesn’t call herself a chef—but her mahi mahi marinated in soy sauce and orange says otherwise. She has no plans to add extra tables so let your Sidekick know if you’d like to make reservations.

Ride Horses On The Beach
Trancoso is best navigated on foot or by horse. Our Sidekicks can arrange a ride with a local guide if you want to live out your daydream of riding off into the sunset on a white sand beach.

Mingle with Locals at The Quadrado
Next to an iconic 500-year-old church is the town’s main square, lit up by lanterns hanging from trees. This plot of grassy land is lined by colorful homes that have been transformed into art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. If you’re not in the mood to shop, the Quadrado lends itself to excellent people watching. It’s not uncommon to see locals playing soccer or practicing capoeira, a brazilian martial art.

Order A Cocktail at Uxua
One of the closest beaches to the Quadrado is Praia do Rio da Barra. There you’ll find an old wooden fisherman’s boat converted into a bar. Order a drink, find a spot on the sand and admire where the ocean and Trancoso River meet.

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Eat a Candlelit Dinner at El Gordo
El Gordo has been a Trancoso staple for over a decade. The restaurant is worth visiting for the views alone; it’s located next to an infinity pool that overlooks the entire beach. You can’t go wrong with anything you order, but we recommend the Thai prawns or octopus rice. Ask about the large selection of Cachaça, too. It’s a spicy, sweet spirit made from sugarcane juice.

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Eating fresh seafood, sipping on craft cocktails, taking in candlelit views and walking along soft sand can be exhausting. Take things slow and don’t over do it. Remember, time doesn’t exist here which means you have plenty of it.

Start planning your relaxing getaway by browsing our selection of handpicked homes in Trancoso.